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Post-mortem Serum Level of Uric Acid: A Biochemical Marker for Estimation of Post-mortem Interval

Hamdi Mohammed Al Khfagi, BSc Biology, P G Diploma, Forensic Medicine. Nemah H. Aljubori; MB.Ch B; PhD; LS3 Clinical Pathology. Editor for Basic Sciences, International Journal Medical Sciences Babylon University College of Medicine (BUCOM), Babylon, Iraq. Correspondence author: Nemah H. Aljubori; Babylon University College of Medicine (BUCOM), Babylon, Iraq.

Journal Title:Aalborg Academy Journal of Medical Sciences

Background Time since death is a key standard in most investigations of murders and un-witnessed deaths, as well as hospital deaths, and still a challenge for forensic scientists. Post-mortem biochemical profiles of various body fluids produced from cell degradation can give an insight into the altering metabolic environment of the cadaver. These profiles may offer valuable information concerning the estimation of time since death, if the appropriate post-mortem biochemical markers are chosen, thoroughly studied and carefully documented. Aim: To determine Post-mortem Interval (PMI) by using post-mortem serum uric acid level as a biochemical marker in the early post-mortem stages. Material and Methods: The study included 16 autopsy cases, whom time of death and cause of death were known, 10 ml of blood were drawn directly from the heart, and the Uric Acid (UA) serum level for each case was measured by colourimetric method. The results of readings of serum UA were plotted against time interval and statistically analysed by X2 test in order to determine the correlation between time after death and UA level. The results of readings were also analysed in relation to age, gender, and cause of death. Results: There was no significant correlation between serum UA level and the time after death, nor between them and cause of death, gender, and age. Conclusion; Serum uric acid level is a poor post-mortem marker for estimating the time of death. Keywords: Uric acid, post-mortem, time after death.