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MEDICAL EDUCATION: Medical Education Development in the Arab Region Suez Canal University Role and experience

Wagdy Talaat, MD, PhD, FHPE Professor and Founding Head, Medical Education Department Faculty of Medicine, Suez Canal University Faculty, FAIMER, Philadelphia, USA. Consultant, EMRO/WHO in Medical Education and Accreditation Co-Director, Joint Master of Health Professions Education between Maastricht and Suez Canal Universities  

Journal Title:Aalborg Academy Journal of Medical Sciences

Although education of medical sciences had started in Egypt in the early 19th century (Kasr Al-Eini - Cairo University- is the oldest Arab Medical School; established in 1827) using the apprenticeship model of teaching learning, yet introducing new educational strategies in the late seventies of the 20th century by Suez Canal University in Egypt and Gezira University in Sudan, then Tikrit University in Iraq had made a huge difference in perceiving "Medical Education" as an academic science that should be taught and learned independently by both under and postgraduate students. The Suez Canal Faculty of Medicine (FOM/SCU) was the first to adopt an Integrated, Student-Centered, Problem-Based and Community-Based curriculum since its inauguration in 1978 [1].