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Detection Limits Of Live Attenuated Poultry Viral Vaccine Testing Method For Detection Of Bacterial Contamination  

Hanan M. Ibrahim, Hanan A. Ahmed, Nourhan Nagy, Gina M. Mohamed, Shafai, S.M. and Aly, A.M  

Journal Title:Journal of Applied Veterinary Sciences

A total number of 27 vaccine vials including 3 batches of 3 different types of live attenuated poultry viral vaccines (tissue culture Gumboro vaccine, egg adapted colored ILT vaccine and egg adapted non colored ILT vaccine) were experimentally contaminated with 1,5,10 CFU of Salmonella typhimurium reference strain/dose then subjected for sterility testing as referenced in OIE. Further dilution was carried out of vaccines showing negative results. The results of statical analysis showed that there is a significant difference between direct inoculation of the vaccines and their dilutions. It could be concluded that the applied testing method is appropriate for testing sterility of living attenuated poultry viral vaccines but testing of some of such vaccines need further dilutions to obtain accurate results.