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Evaluation Of Egg Quality Conditions In Omdurman Locality  

Ali R. Ibrahim, Abdelbasit B. Habib and Salim Gibril  

Journal Title:Journal of Applied Veterinary Sciences

This study was carried out to assess the extent of quality deteriorations of eggs sold at Sabrin market, Omdurman and to determine their suitability for human consumption. Hundred eggs produced by Bovans white breed (fifty eggs from the farm and another fifty eggs from an ordinary shop in Sabrin market) in Omdurman North locality were collected and divided into 5 groups each containing 20 eggs. Group one was tested at the time of collection. Each of the rest 4 groups was further subdivided into 2 groups, one stored in a refrigerator and the other under room temperature. Eggs in each group were subjected to quality measurements at the end of week one, two, three and four. Egg weight, shell strength, albumin height and Haugh unit were the parameters measured to test the effects of storage on table egg quality. Results showed significant differences between eggs obtained from the poultry farm and those collected from Sabrin market in egg weight, albumen height and Haugh unit during the different period of storage. No difference in egg shell strength between treatments was seen. The study concluded that eggs sold at open markets such as Sabrin market may have low quality questioning their suitability for human consumption.