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Management And Biosecurity Practices On Broiler And Layer Farms In Bahri Locality Khartoum North Omer, A., Salim Gibril and Abdelbasit B. Habib  

Journal Title:Journal of Applied Veterinary Sciences

This study was conducted to evaluate the present status of management and biosecurity practices in broiler and layer farms in Khartoum North, Sudan, and to compare between the biosecurity practices in broiler and layer farms. The primary information included farm characteristics, technical management practices and biosecurity practices carried out in each of these farms. A total of 30 farms (20 broilers and 10 layers) were chosen from Khartoum North .The data were collected using structured questionnaire. The respondents were farm owners, farm managers, and veterinarians. The results showed that the broiler farms had a higher level of biosecurity than the layer farms. The average mortality of the broiler house was 5.5% when compared with 6.45% of the layer, type of bedding material 100% for broiler compering with 70% for layer, close system in the farm visited are 60% and 30% in broiler and layer the biosecurity levels were regarded as high in the chicken meat sector but no assessment was made on the chicken egg sector due to a low response rate and high level of rodent and insect control. In addition, the results indicated that broiler and layer farms do not allow for visitors to enter of about 60% and 40% respectively. Only 10% of visitors change their cloths for layer farms compared with 45% for broiler farms, while 60% and 40% have no animal restriction policy