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Yaro, A. S.

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Education and Society

It has been ascertained that the school environment in Africa and most other developing countries are deficient of /and lack basic necessities and only a handful of schools located in urban centers are connected internationally via the Internet. The classrooms are mostly deficient and impoverished in terms of basic facilities and amenities required for effective teaching and learning. There is also a high pupil-teacher ratio in the urban classroom in our school systems. Based on these, this study looked at the electronic-learning and its relevance to effective learning in the emerging world. E-learning offers a more effective learning experience, since the learner participates in the learning process and receives individual attention, even when the instructor and the learner are at different locations. This participation in learning is by itself a positive learning experience. The atmosphere provided by e-learning allows more effective interaction between the students and the instructor. Therefore, it can be as effective as the traditional classroom learning environment where the space, seating, etc, could be inadequate. It is therefore plausible that continuing professional development (CPD which sustains the teacher on the job through exposure to professional renewal programs because it is through the CPD that the knowledge and skills of existing teachers are sustained and refined to meet the challenge of the modern realities of their job be given it rightful place in the academic system.