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Smart Sensor Interface Model Using IoT for Pipeline Integrity Cathodic Protection

Mohammed Algarni Mohammed Zwawi   Mechanical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia;

Journal Title:Journal of Management and Engineering Integration

This study proposes a design of a smart sensor interface for monitoring Cathodic Protection (CP) in an Internet of Things (IoT) environment. The corrosion sensor is used to monitor voltage potential from a sacrificial anode to an underground pipe or pipelines. The past design of monitoring CP was via wired networking (for data transfer) or by onsite inspection. Although such inspection offers a very reliable monitoring method, it is expensive and inconvenient. This research proposes a new, advanced and straightforward method to monitor CP, for field engineers, by the advancement of IoT intelligence to provide suggestions and make online-orders for consumable parts. This research proposes a solution by the novel design of monitoring corrosion via CP using a smart sensor interface model in an IoT environment and smart-phone applications. The results of this system design show good monitoring performance and excellent analytical potential.