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Big Data, Ethics, and Social Impact Theory – A Conceptual Framework

Gwen White, Thilini Ariyachandra, and David White1   Management and Information Systems and Psychology Xavier University

Journal Title:Journal of Management and Engineering Integration

Decisions made using big data, impact ethical issues like privacy, security, ownership, and decision making. In addition, those same decisions can have a positive or negative social impact. This paper proposes a framework that explains how decisions made using big data impact ethics and social impact theory. A broad literature review explored how big data and ethics can have a social impact on society. The proposed framework of big data, ethics and social impact is illustrated through three examples. Insurance companies manipulate big data to impact sales. The Center for Disease Control examines big data to determine the location of the next outbreak. Companies analyze big data in predictive analytics to increase marketing or determine a new trend. It was found that these uses of big data directly affect ethics which has a positive or negative social impact. Simple decisions can change the outcome for one or millions.