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Effects of Peer Tutoring Instructional Method on the Academic Achievement in Biology among Secondary School Students in Zaria Metropolis, Nigeria

Jibrin, A. G. and Zayum, S. D.

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Education and Society

The study investigated the effect of peer tutoring instructional method on the academic achievement in Biology among secondary school students in Zaria Metropolis, Nigeria. The design for the study was pretest and posttest experimental control group design. All the 60 senior secondary schools within Zaria metropolis constituted the population of the study. Two senior secondary schools were randomly selected and made into experimental and control groups. Biology Achievement Test (BAT) was prepared by the researcher and validated by Two senior lecturers from education department, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria and a reliability coefficient r=0.67 was arrived at. Biology Achievement Test (BAT) was administered to the students by the researcher. Data collected were analysed using t-test statistics. The results indicated that students taught biology using peer tutoring instructional method achieved higher than those taught using expository method. It was recommended that, teachers need to diversify their method of teaching biology such as peer tutoring as it will assist in higher academic achievement of learners.