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Teaching Information Literacy Skills in Nigerian Universities: Whose Responsibility?

Abubakar, U. A. and Isyaku, A. A.

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Education and Society

Information literacy is an important programme in the development of effective teaching, learning and research in a university. It is considered to be the survival skill of any information society. It is receiving an increasing academic attention all over the world and as it was found to be an effective means for addressing issues of social, cultural and economical importance. This is a theoretical study. To that effect, this study examined the concept of information literacy and the processes involved in teaching it at the university level of education in Nigeria. It briefly discussed and pinpoints the parties to be responsible for teaching the skill in the university. Methods and skills needed in teaching were also discussed. Conclusively, that librarians and faculty should engage in collaborative teaching strategy in teaching the concepts. They should also acquaint themselves with the available models for teaching it.