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The Role of Library Education in National Development

Akomolafe, A. M.

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Education and Society

Library education is as important to the whole education process as the library itself. Libraries and Librarians play very significant roles in knowledge assessment which is relevant to both education and nation building. This review was to examine the importance of library education, emphasizing the role of the librarian in managing the library as an information storehouse, thereby providing access to knowledge for development. It is revealed that the Library is a repository for the world's knowledge and that these materials are made available for human development and best managed by professionally trained librarians. Librarians play significant role in human capital development and it is the professional training that makes the individual librarians. The use of ICT infrastructure provides the library with limitless access to information which provides vast range of knowledge to support education and national development. This study therefore recommends among others that the library school curriculum should be reviewed to include training in the use of ICT and government at all levels should partner with librarians in their quest to revive reading culture in Nigeria.