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Accessibility and Suitability of Public Library Services among the Agencies of Government to Users of Information in Nigeria: A Case Study of Bauchi State Library Board

Isyaku, A. A.

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Education and Society

Public libraries are established to serve the educational, informational and recreational needs of user community without discrimination. This study adopted a descriptive survey as its research design. The purpose was to evaluate accessibility and suitability of public library services in Bauchi, with special reference to the state library board. It tries to find out why users fail to utilize the libraries regularly, and if they use the libraries at all, what reasons do they have for using the libraries. Random sampling technique was employed to select 100 respondents from the library. Findings revealed that majority of the library users are students followed by teachers, while small proportion of the users are civil servants and other member of the public. Finally, it was recommended among other things that capacity building program should be introduce for librarians to enable them update their knowledge of library promotion for effective utilization; children's library resources should also be improved.