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Qualities of Academic Librarians and their Relationship with Library Users

Abdulaziz Hamza

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Education and Society

Librarianship is a dynamic profession which faces new changes and challenges. The shift from traditional means of disseminating information to the application of Information and Communication Technology facilities, and the challenges of managing the manpower in order to get the best result out of them cannot be over emphasized. This study is a review of the qualities of academiclibrarians and their relationship with library users. Librarians need to exhibit some qualities so as to enhance good relationship with both staff and users, they most stand up to embrace these changes and face the challenges ahead. The study highlighted that the key aspect of the librarians work is facilitating and supporting learning by teaching information retrieval skills to students and staff. Therefore, a broad understanding of all aspects of librarianship from reference work to technical services as well as experiences in teaching and web development are also important in building and sustaining good relationship with library users in the academic system.