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Relative Effectiveness of Two Summary-skill Techniques on Secondary School Students' Achievement in Summary Writing in Ibadan Metropolis

Ayanniyi, M. A.

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Education and Society

This aim of this study was to examine the relative effectiveness of two summaryskill techniques on secondary school students' achievement in summary writing. The study adopted pre-test, post-test, control group quasi-experimental design. The instrument used was Students' Achievement Test in Summary adapted from West African Examinations Council (WAEC). Three hypotheses were tested at 0.5 alpha level. Data were analysed using means, standard deviation and ANCOVA. There is significant main effect of treatment on achievement in summary, but there is no significant effect of gender on students' achievement in summary. On the other hand, the interaction effect of treatment and gender on students' achievement in summary is not also significant. Students have been found performing very poorly in summary writing. This happens because teachers have not been teaching it appropriately. Summary-skill techniques are very effective in the teaching of summary. Teachers of English Language in secondary schools should make use of summary-skill techniques in the teaching of summary.