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Eliminating Terrorism and Sustaining Democracy in Nigeria

Akinlade, M. T. and Ibitoye, M. O.

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Education and Society

This study examines the concept and nature of democracy and terrorism. It also looks into the psychology, tactics and logic of terrorism. The characteristics of terrorist groups are examined with particular attention to their domestic variants like the Nigeria Boko Haram sect and their activities in recent times. This study delves into the relationship between religion and terrorism. The study examines the problems democracies face in countering terrorism which are complicated by the need to preserve individual freedoms while, also protecting national security. John Locks theory of consent is employed to illuminate the study. This study conclusively remarks that total restructuring of the federation is now more urgent than ever. Hence, the restructuring should entail fiscal federalism and greater regional autonomy in terms of Law and State Policing but the armed forces should continue to be a federal concern.