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Assessment of Secondary School Teachers Information Needs in Kogi State, Nigeria

Orebiyi, A. O.

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Education and Society

This study adopted the survey research design. The aim was to establish the extent to which the information needs of secondary school teachers in Kogi State, Nigeria was met by the Kogi State Teaching Service Commission (TSC). The population of the study comprises 4890 teachers of Kogi State Teaching Service Commission (TSC). Structured questionnaire was used to collect data from a sample of 400 respondents. Data were subjected to frequency count, percentage, mean and standard deviation. For the inferential analysis, t-test was used. Results found information received in four of the five areas of information needs as adequate (employment situation in TSC, task, job performance and benefits). Only information on in-service training fell short of the 2.5 mean decision point for acceptance. Also, information expected by the teachers was above the 2.5 mean decision point (employment in TSC with a mean of 3.17; task3.35; performance 3.32; in-service training 3.10 and benefits 3.24). Analysis of t-test shows significant differences between information received and information expected in all the five variables investigated. The study observed a wide disparity between information received and expected in all the five areas of needs, resulting in information underload. However, it is recommended among other things that management should provide adequate information to the teachers for optimum performance and high morale.