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A Profession of many Faces: The Application and Relevance of Prayer to Social Work Counseling in Botswana

Maripe, K.

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Education and Society

The relevance and application of prayer to Social Work counseling is the basis of a holistic and multi-dimensional approach to social problems. Practice must not only consider its importance but its application in work with clients. If social work which is a profession of many faces does not equip practitioners to appreciate and value the spiritual expression of individuals, groups, and communities, it would have failed to address problems in an integrated manner. Although there are common principles and values used in prayer and social work counseling such as confidentiality, client self-determination, and self awareness, the author acknowledges that there are social work practitioners who do not embrace spirituality and would consider prayer as irrelevant to their work. This paper intends to demonstrate benefits of prayer in social work intervention with individuals, groups, communities and nations, particularly in the African context. It asserts that prayer is rooted in various traditional communities, religious groups, and features in national ceremonies like Independence celebrations, judicial legal year opening, and Kgotla meetings.