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School Community Relations as Panacea for Community Involvement in Secondary Schools Development in Nigeria

Nakpodia, E. D.

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Education and Society

This paper deals with school community relations as panacea for community involvement in secondary schools development in Nigeria. The school as a social organization is an integral and almost inseparable part of the community in which it is located. The full values of education can only be realized by a close co-operation between the school and community, yet the area has often received little attention in development of secondary schools in terms of school management, curriculum development, financial and disciplinary matters. In a nutshell, conclusion was drawn that there should be a growing interest in secondary school development by community involvement through a school - community symbiotic relationship. When the issue of community involvement in schools is placed in focus, the usual effort that cooperation rather than antagonism should characterize it. Hence, this paper emphasized the involvement of community in the development of education, which refers to switching from the usual practice of schools´ relations with parents in the running of schools to the full involvement of parents and the community in the development of the schools. It was therefore, recommended that schools and community should have cordial relationship in the development and use of secondary schools in the country by community involvement in terms of enlightenment programmes, social amenities, infrastructure facilities and finance.