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Emotional Intelligence, Job Satisfaction and Librarians' Performance

Ogungbeni, J.; Ogungbo, W. and Yahaya, J.

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Education and Society

This paper investigates how moods or feelings of librarians can contribute to the effective discharge of their traditional roles in the library system. Maslow's theory of human needs, concept of job satisfaction, and emotional intelligence are explained. Relationship between job satisfaction and job performance, correlation between emotional intelligence and job performance of librarians are reviewed. The paper established the fact that library contributes immensely to the literary growth and overall development of anyone that uses its collections. Therefore, librarians are not machines their psychological needs and feelings are to be catered for in order to enhance their optimal productivity. The paper postulates some factors that could contribute to the job satisfaction of librarians and shows how their emotions could relatively be managed so as to enhance their productivity.