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Democratising Local Government Administration: Flaws or Reforms Efforts in Nigeria

Babalola, O. E. and Akinlade, M. T.

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Education and Society

Local government authorities are set up by legal instrument on the basis of tradition homogenous areas or ethnic groups. In Nigeria today, it is an important integral part of federalism, which should not be undermined. It must be accorded a position of relevance in the democratic dispensation. This paper therefore intends to bring into focus the evolution of local government administration in Nigeria, the various reforms that local government system had passed through and the current position of the local government system in the present democratic setting. However, the effects of undermine and misplacement of priority by the local government under the present dispensation will also be examined. Suggestions are made on how to remedy the flaws and poor performance of the local government system in this present democratic dispensation; the undue interferences of the state government on the local government democratic process and financial matters must be stopped; local government system must be recognized as the third tier of government in Nigeria federation, therefore they should be made to enjoying the autonomy; while the operators of this system must not loose focus on the constitutional expectations of the system.