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Approaches to the Problems of Discipline in Nigerian Secondary Schools

Akpokiniovo, C.

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Education and Society

Discipline is a way of ensuring conformity to rules and regulations in relation to obedience to set standards by someone in authority. This paper deals with the problems of discipline in Nigerian schools which has been associated with punishment of varying degrees of severity. The purpose of it is not to see discipline as punishment but as a control measure, a way of learning. Today, to some extent, indiscipline has eaten deep into our children in schools as a result which may be due to lack of parental control, value orientation, school management and the wholesale acceptance of the European frame of reference among others. The descriptive method is therefore employed so that discipline should be seen as a necessity for social life and a standard for morality while punishment as a means for instilling such discipline. The management and the personal approaches to behaviour control were also looked at. Therefore, suggestions were made as to how the classroom teacher can in the light of the preceding analysis; promote the spirit of discipline in Nigerian schools.