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Learning Arabic as a Second Language and its Importance in Nigeria

Adeyemi, K. A.

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Education and Society

It is the belief of some Nigerians, especially the Christians that Arabic Language belongs to the Islamic religion alone, and whoever learns it is believed to be a Muslim. Documents written in Arabic, irrespective of the writer's faith or religion, the contents and subject matters are termed Islamic. Hence, the apprehension they have for it. However, the reason behind this perception is multi-faceted. Most glaring and conspicuous among them are: (a) Biased mind and wrong impression they have about Islam, and (b) Majority of Arabic learners in their environments are Muslims, hence the negative attitude they have for the language. This paper seeks to erase these negative perception and prejudices, highlights the need to learn Arabic language as a second language and re-examine its importance to our contemporary society. It is observed that Arabic as a living language has served as a source of sciences as noted that some words in Arabic still remain in the books of Science and Mathematics. Therefore, it is recommended among others the government should put more efforts in removing the barriers to study this language and to make it compulsory at the primary and secondary school levels in the school curriculum.