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The Required Teaching Methods: A Test of Teachers Competencies in Teaching Social Studies in Nigerian Secondary Schools

Okogu, J. O.

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Education and Society

This review is on choosing the required teaching methods: a test of teachers competencies in teaching Social Studies in Nigerian Secondary Schools. For effective and efficient impartation of the knowledge of Social Studies to its learners, the required methods have to be adopted by the teacher. Social Studies is interdisciplinary in nature and content. From the study, it was observed that we have general and conventional methods of teaching such as lecture method but some subjects require specific methods for their teaching to enhance the internalization of the objectives. This study stresses the importance of using discussion method, problem solving method and questioning method of teaching because of the interdisciplinary composition of social studies. The study reveals that when the above mentioned teaching methods are used for teaching social studies in the Nigerian Secondary schools, it will help students to understand social studies, and the objectives of its teaching much better.