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The Place of Educational Media in the Effective Utilization of the New Curriculum Module in Nigeria

Babalola, B. K.

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Education and Society

This paper examines the place of educational media in the effective Utilization of the new curriculum module in Nigeria. It equally delves into the historical development of Educational Technology as well as its application with the aim of solving the problem which teacher encounter during the utilization of the new curriculum module. This paper observes that these educational media are meant to appeal to learners’ sense of touch, smell, sight and hearing. At the same time, they are useful supplement to direct verbal communication in the classroom, because people tend to forget what they are told but are more likely to remember the experiences which they gain by examining and manipulating objects or representing them in the form of drawing, photographs and all the likes. Among other remarks the paper submits that educational media will help make education more productive through increasing learning by providing worthwhile experiences for the learners that teachers alone may or cannot furnish.