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Improvisation of Instructional Materials for Introductory Technology: The Delta State Experience

Odu, O. K.

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Education and Society

The study sought to identify how the teachers of introductory technology improvise instructional materials for teaching and learning. The survey research design was adopted. 150 introductory technology teachers in Delta State Secondary Schools were sampled. The questionnaire had 22 major items which fall into five categories namely: perception of the introductory technology teachers towards improvisation; degree of awareness of improvised materials by the introductory technology teachers; extent of utilization of improvised materials; obstacles hindering improvisation of teaching materials in introductory technology and extent of improvisation of introductory materials. Data was analyzed using frequency and percentage and revealed that: introductory technology teachers have positive perceptions towards improvisation. Teachers’ awareness for improvisation and the level of utilization of improved materials is very low. Also a lot of obstacles confronted teachers from improvising and teachers find it difficult to improvise instructional materials. The study therefore, recommends among others, that all technical education programmes (including introductory technology programme) should include a course on improvisation. Practicing introductory technology teachers should attend regularly conferences workshops and seminars on improvisation.