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Deterioration of Library Materials in Nigeria: Causes and Remedies for Librarians

Olajide, Abiodun

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Education and Society

It is true that deterioration is as old as librarianship. It is also no longer news that as soon as an item is manufactured it also starts to depreciate so also printing materials. If this concept is known should librarians fold their arms watching their valuables destroyed? This paper takes a cursory look at causes of deterioration of library materials. It also discusses the concepts of deterioration to the library, librarianship and librarians. The paper argues that some of the causes include lack of environmental sanitation of library surroundings, lack of trained preservators, faulty storage and book arrangement on the shelves, the library illumination etc. The paper calls for collective responsibilities in order to rescue the library materials by abiding with library hygiene, the use of air conditioners to control reading room temperature, good ventilation, the use of right insecticides and the use of incandescent light that is least destructive. Window blinds and plastic coatings can be used to control direct sunlight. Training of the staff on books shelving is also advocated .Upon the whole the paper says "prevention is better than cure" Deterioration can be reduced to the barest minimum if it is nipped in the bud before it becomes uncontrollable