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Factors Inhibiting School Library Development in Kano State, Nigeria

Mustapha Idris

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Education and Society

Literature abounds on both the importance of the school library and on why the school library should be integrated into the curriculum. Some States have already made positive strides in the direction. It is against this backdrop that the situation in Kano State with regard to primary, junior and senior secondary school libraries is examined. An overview of the current school library scene in Kano State is presented. The importance of lobbying the relevant authorities in the school libraries development scheme comes out quite clearly. The major aim of this study is an attempt at changing the Kano State school library situation in conformity with modern school library practices. Finally the result shows that out of the seven thousand two hundred and fifteen (7,215) schools only three thousand four hundred and ten (3,410) got libraries, it was observe that majority of schools from rural areas fail to have libraries from what was observed during the research and the situation is worse in primary school having the largest number