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Utilization of Instructional Materials by Physics Teachers and Students in Ekiti State Secondary Schools, Nigeria

Asubiojo, R. O and Aladejana, A. L.

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Education and Society

This study investigates the level of use of Instructional Materials by Professionals and non-professional Physics teachers in Ekiti State Secondary Schools. The purpose is to determine the availability of Instructional materials in schools and its level of use by professional and non-professional Physics teachers. The study employs the descriptive survey as its research design. The population for the study consisted of all physics teachers and physics students in senior secondary schools in Ekiti State. Stratified random sampling technique was employed to select 120 physics teachers and 240 physics students from the population. Data were analysed using descriptive and inferential statistics. It was revealed through the result of this study that most of the instructional materials that can improve the teaching and learning of Physics in schools were not available while the little ones available were not put into effective use. Based on the finding of this study, it is recommended among others that efforts should be made by all the stakeholders in the educations sector towards the provision of adequate instructional materials in schools for effective teaching and learning of physics in Ekiti State Secondary Schools