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Effects of Non-Cordial Relationship between Teachers and Students of Secondary Schools on Teaching-Learning Process

Tyoakaa, L. M.

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Education and Society

As a matter of fact, teacher-student relationship provides a unique entry point for educators and others working to improve the social and learning environments of schools and classrooms. The focus of this review is on the effects of non-cordial relationship between teachers and students of secondary schools on teachinglearning process. In view of this, the work examines relationship and types of relationships; factors affecting student-teacher relationship; ways of improving teacher-student relationships, as well as the benefits of positive student-teacher relationships. It is revealed that the child should be made to feel free, be at ease, active in class, yet remain disciplined. Based on this, the study concludes that there is every need for a positive coexistence between the teacher and his students