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Linguistic Change, Growth and Development: Implications for English Language Teaching and Learning in Nigeria

Olowoyeye, C. A. and Adeniyi, F. O.

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Education and Society

This review traces the origin, growth and development of language in its diachronic and synchronic dimensions with the aim of identifying the various causes of linguistic variations. It also discusses the implications and possible remediations of the impact of linguistics change on teaching in terms of the model to teach, language material development, methodology, curriculum planning and language policy in Nigeria. This work observes that linguistic change, although inevitable, nonetheless, is frowned at, criticized and condemned by many enlightened minds. The impact of language change has far-reaching consequences in the social setting and especially in the teaching and learning of the English language in Nigerian schools. Consequently, the study recommends that prescriptive laws should be played down. The grammar of the language should be taught in line with the changing lexicons and in its cultural contexts.