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Application of Competitive Intelligence in Indigenous Knowledge: The Role of the Library Professionals in Nigeria

Adigun, T. A.

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Education and Society

This study examines how competitive intelligence can be strategically deployed to ensure better and effective access to indigenous knowledge. The knowledge gap hypothesis provides the theoretical framework for this study. The aim is primarily to evaluate the role of the library professionals in brokering a situation where the acquisition, creation, organization accessibility and dissemination of indigenous knowledge have competitive advantage over the western knowledge which is presently favoured. The study reveals that indigenous knowledge is often the basis for decision making at the local level in all areas of human endeavour including agriculture, health care, education, food preparation, natural resource management, psycho social care and other activities that are germane to rural communities. Therefore, information professionals must work with indigenous communities to develop unique solutions that meet local needs. Also, Library professionals must ensure that adequate policies are put in place for local communities to be adequately recompensed as prior owners of their knowledge.