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Roles of Guidance and Counselling in Vocational and Technology Education (VTE)

Baba, M. M. and Nasir Umar

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Education and Society

Career guidance and counselling processes need permeate teacher education in post primary, tertiary and adult education settings, in order to encourage learners to consider the broadest possible range of options. At a philosophical level, people need to realize that guidance and counselling must become integral parts of the VTE system and of the lifelong learning process. In view of this, this study tries to explain the rationale for guidance and counselling in VTE. The aim is to brung to light the need for guidance and counselling in VTE. The study shall further discuss among the many others the objectives of guidance and counselling in VTE. Findings of the study indicate that guidance and counseling in VTE is perceived in Nigeria to be the greatest weapons that can be used to achieve peace stability, tranquility and economic development. Therefore, it is recommended that the federal, state and local governments should provide a clear vision and mission for guidance and counselling and Vocational and Technology Education for a more vibrant Nigeria.