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Activity Based Learning: A Successful Model for Business Education

Agatha Samson

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Education and Society

Activity-based learning model is a cognitive-learning model which is considered a “constructivist” learning theory, especially; a learner “constructs” his own small version of knowledge from past knowledge and/or current experiences and interacting with data or information. The work is on activity based learning as a successful model for business education. The aim is to identify the problems in teaching business education in relation to practical aspect. It shall further appraise activity based learning (ABL) and its purpose, the need for quality business education and the ABL in teaching business education, the factors militating against integration of ABL among other. This study reveals that activity based learning is one of the best ways of learning and teaching especially in business education since it is built on the rationale that students learn best when they do or are involved in action.