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Security of Library Materials under Nigeria’s Depressed Economy

Chiwar, M. A. and Minakaro, F. M.

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Education and Society

The challenge for librarians today is not just the acquisition of book and nonbook materials into the library, but the problem of safeguarding them to avoid losses or damage. Like many developing countries of the world, Nigeria has also been experiencing difficult economic conditions and this has affected a lot of organizations including library institutions. Library services can only be successful through the availability of library materials that satisfies the needs of both present and future users. It is against this background that this work examines how library materials can be secured under Nigeria’s depressed economy. The study reveals that the dwindling economic fortunes of Nigeria coupled with hyper-inflation has made it increasingly difficult for government to fund the libraries adequately. Hence, this will afford libraries the opportunity to provide adequate and multiple copies of highly demanded materials for their users.