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Strategies for Planning, Teaching and Evaluating Practical Projects in Vocational and Technology Education Programmes

Nasir Umar; Musa Adamu Aliyu and Umar Dankade

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Education and Society

The study introduces the concept of practical project evaluation, and identifies the strategies for its planning and teaching; which deals with rudimentary preparation prior to proper presentation, method of teaching and actual presentation of practical project lesson. It also elaborates the four stages of evaluating practical project with their various indicators which includes; planning evaluation, process evaluation, product evaluation and workshop attitude evaluation. Numerical scoring performance pattern was outlined, followed by its grading system. It is concluded that the construction of practical project incorporated all the aspect of educational objectives, cognitive, affective and psychomotor, which directly indicates the application of what is learnt in the class and workshop or laboratory to solve a particular problem in society. This is done by carrying out a practical project to provide a product that will solve some problems beneficial to the community. It is therefore recommended among others that the teacher should make provision for the students to work in groups because leadership roles of certain students will stimulate others to greater efforts to maintain good standing in group.