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Enhancing Labour Efficiency through Vocational and Technical Education in Nigeria

Elebe, M. I.

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Education and Society

There is a great deal of young people entering the labour force yearly without the appropriate skill for effective performance. Consequently, they are often given on the job training by their employers. Such training is not only time consuming but additional stress on management. “The word in vogue today is technology and if our technology education is not reviewed to meet the needs of this technology age, the product will definitely miss the trend and this will be out of time. The paper therefore examines the place of labour in economic development. It x-rays the role of vocational and technical education in enhancing labour efficiency, problems of vocational and technical education in Nigeria and concluded that skill acquisition man power development and provision of functional workshop by the relevant authorities among others are some of the best approaches to enhancing labour efficiency in Nigeria.