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Major Indigenous Languages and The Origin of Foreign Languages in West Africa

Saleh, A. J

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Education and Society

The thrust of this paper is that we have different languages across West Africa. Each of these West African countries has its culture which is synonymous with its language as culture and language are inseparable. On the other hand, these languages and cultures have been infiltrated by alien or foreign cultures as a result of colonialism, religious activities and trade. The infiltration of these alien or foreign cultures has brought a distortion to the originality of West African languages and cultures. In addition to the distortion of languages and cultures in West Africa are code –switching, code – mixing of languages and Pidgin English spoken in English speaking West Africa. The paper also takes a look at English speaking West Africa, French speaking West Africa and Portuguese speaking West Africa. The need to teach indigenous West African languages and dialects to run pari pasu with foreign/second/official languages in West Africa is a panacea so as to resuscitate extinction of languages and dying cultures is advocated in this paper