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Self-Efficacy and Emotional Intelligence as Predictors of Employees Job Performance in Manufacturing Companies in Lagos State, Nigeria

Okoiye, O. E.; Onah, T. A. and Atsaka, J. G.

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Education and Society

This study investigates self-efficacy and emotional intelligence as predictors of factory workers job performance in manufacturing companies in Lagos state Nigeria. Using a descriptive survey research design; Simple random sampling technique was used to select five hundred factory workers from twenty randomly selected manufacturing companies in Lagos state Nigeria. Instruments used were Job Performance Rating Scale (JPRS), General Self-Efficacy Scale (GSE) and Schutte Self-Report Emotional Intelligence Test (SSEIT). Two research questions were answered at 0.05 level of significance. Data were analysed using Multiple Regression statistical tool. The independent variables accounted for 62.1% of the total variance on employees’ job performance. In order of magnitude, in terms of magnitude of the contribution: Emotional Intelligence has more predictive influence on employees’ job performance followed by self-efficacy on employees’ job performance. Therefore, Employers should ensure their employees are made to embark on training to improve on their ability, competence and social emotional skills that will enable them to adapt well to their environmental and career challenges. Also, employers should make available counselling and psychotherapeutic services for their employees to help manage maladjustment and maladaptive behaviour that could negatively affect their level of job performance