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Imperative for Inclusion of Herbal Medicine Education in the Curricula of Nigerian Schools

Adeniran, M. A. and Owoeye, P. E. O. 

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Education and Society

This study examines the need for the inclusion of herbal medicine education in the curriculum of the Nigerian schools. The work is propositional. It employs the review method to collate well referenced documented materials. The study reveals that many advanced countries of the world had imbibed similar medical ideology about herbal medicine practices to promote the health of their citizens and also to enhance healthy life styles. Most of the developed Oriental (East) and Occidental (West) continents have herbal medicine programmes on their national health agenda sponsored by their governments e.g. Germany, China, Japan, India, and Asia. Inclusion of herbal medicine education in the schools curricula would help learners, youths and adults to have a healthy living as they personally utilized herbal medicine preparations specifically and instructively. It is imperative at this time when the nation’s economy is on the down turn for the government, curriculum planners and education stakeholders to see the need to incorporate herbal medicine education in the curriculum of the Nigerian schools.