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Repositioning the Facilities in the National Certificate in Education (Technical) Awarding Institutions’ Workshops for Future Nigeria: A Case Study of North Eastern Nigeria

Yaro, A. S.; Cheledi, A. A. and Adamu, M.

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Education and Society

This study focuses on assessing the facilities in NCE Technical awarding institutions’ workshops in the North Eastern part of Nigeria. A descriptive survey design is adopted. Two research questions are formulated to guide the study. A 35-item questionnaire is developed based on the NCCE standards, and was validated by three experts. Data are collected from 149 teachers randomly sampled in the six NCE Technical awarding institutions in the North Eastern part of Nigeria. Statistical Mean is employed to answer the research questions. Results reveal that teachers are aware of the inadequacy of facilities in NCE Technical awarding institutions’ workshops. It therefore recommends among others that the private sector should be encouraged to initiate and participate in the provision of facilities, special intervention funds should be set aside by Government for procurement of workshop facilities to NCE Technical awarding institutions