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Trend on Students’ Performance in Mathematics at the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination in Nigeria

Udonsa, A. E.

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Education and Society

The purpose of this work is to examine the factors that contribute to the consistent poor performance of students in SSCE Mathematics. The study is a descriptive research. The study analyses of the forgoing trend and familiar rates of failure in mathematics especially at the public examinations was made and hypotheses were formulated and tested based on the factors that seemed to be the major impediment. The findings have explicitly established among others inadequate teaching materials, unqualified mathematics teachers and large class size as the major factors responsible for the students’ poor performance in SSCE mathematics. A conceptual review of related literature has also shown that there are a number of factors that impeded students’ achievement in Mathematics in the senior secondary schools examinations. It is recommended among others that small group delivery method should be adopted for the teaching of mathematics because it provides useful insights and solutions to some problems that cannot be adequately handle in the larger class and also paves way for close interaction and careful and better understanding of individual students.