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Ethno-Religious Politics in Nigeria: A Threat to National Unity

Benike Joseph

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Education and Society

This work critically examines the concepts of ethnicity, religion, politics and national unity as they interface in the affairs of Nigeria. Thus, it exposes the unhealthy disposition of ethno-religious politics as regards our collective quest for National Unity which is most paramount for peaceful co-existence. This strongly posit that the electorates are the keys in any political project and that people should be free to choose their leaders irrespective of place of origin or ethno-religious affiliation or considerations. The study recommends among others that ethno-religious politics should be discouraged in strong terms; Political Parties in Nigeria should have national spread instead of wearing regional toga; electoral victories should be determined by well articulated programmes which must be in tandem with our national ideology; Nigeria being a multilingual country every segment of the society must have a say in the affairs of the country; and inclusiveness as against exclusiveness must be our watch word in the affairs of the country.