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Effectiveness of Staff Training in Civil and Public Services in Nigeria

Uduma, D. O.

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Education and Society

Bureaucracy in Nigeria’s public service has been strongly acknowledged as requisite of any successful attempt at appraising the public service. Evidently, many people perceive bureaucracy as red tapism, sluggish, cumbersome and rigid. Other critics are of the opinion that bureaucracy now exercises too much power and influence more than their calling as public servants. This work is a critical appraisal of the role of bureaucracy in the development of Nigerian public service. Findings of the study reveal among others the fact that bureaucracy remains the greatest asset of the state quest for socio-economic and political transformation. For a successful implementation of governmental policies, there is the need for a meaningful, articulated and responsive bureaucracy. To curb the negative side of public bureaucracy and direct it to the achievement of national goals and meaningful delivery of benefits to the citizens, this work strongly recommends that a strong and viable political institutions, responsible and disciplined leaders, enthronement of a responsible and people centered democracy, enlightened populace and strong, articulate and dynamic civil society organizations be instituted.