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Influence of Metacognitive Evaluation Strategy in Reducing Test Anxiety among Low Achieving Secondary School Students in Mathematics in Katsina Metropolis, Nigeria

Sayyadi, S. I. and Yunusa Umaru

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Education and Society

This study investigates the influence of metacognitive evaluation strategy in reducing the level of test anxiety among low achieving secondary school students in mathematics. A quasi experimental design involving pretest posttest control group is adopted for the study. Simple random sampling technique is used in selecting two schools out of ten schools in the study area. Samples of twenty students out of those identified with low achievement in mathematics are used to serve as treatment and control groups. The treatment group is exposed to six weeks training of metacognitive evaluation strategy while the control group did not receive any treatment. The instrument used is Westside Test Anxiety Scale. The hypothesis formulated for the study is tested using independent t-test. The findings of the study reveal that significant difference exist between the treatment group that received metacognitive evaluation strategy training and the control group that received no treatment, the difference is in favour of the treatment group. Significant difference also exist in the effect of metacognitive evaluation strategy in reducing test anxiety among male and female low achieving secondary school students in mathematics. It is recommended that school counselors and teachers should be exposed to metacognitive evaluation strategy in order to enhance the test anxiety of secondary school students in mathematics.