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Entrepreneurship Skills Education: A Catholicon for Youth Criminality in Nigeria

Michael, C. E.; Inyang, M. N. and Ojeka, G. O.

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Education and Society

This study examines entrepreneurship skills education as a tool for addressing youth criminality in Nigeria. One of the objectives of entrepreneurship skills education is equipping and creating in the youth the mindset to undertake the risk of venturing into viable enterprises, by the application of the acquired knowledge and skills in schools. The work looks at the skills required by an entrepreneur such as ability to recognize opportunity, innovative skills and interpersonal skills. The roles of entrepreneurship skills education in curbing youth criminality such as providing youth with the risk-taking ability and innovative capabilities to set up an enterprise rather than waiting to be employed, managerial skills necessary for self-reliance, which will help in reducing unemployment and poverty and keep them off crime were discussed. As Nigeria is currently witnessing high level of criminal activities, triggered by unemployment, the study maintains that one of the most plausible ways to empower the youth and reduce criminality is via entrepreneurship skills education. The study recommends amongst others: that there is urgent need to reactivate entrepreneurship skills education in all our institutions of learning. Our school curriculum should be design in such a way that entrepreneurship skills education will be practical-orientated. Government and non-governmental organizations should embark on enlightenment campaign to sensitize youths on the need to shun all forms of criminality, and stresses the need for acquisition of entrepreneurship skills education to maintain honest livelihoods.