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Educational Policy Formulation, Political System and the Attainment of Development in Nigeria

Ofoegbu, N. G.

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Education and Society

There can be no doubt that education opens people’s mindset, enlightens their knowledge, equips them to pursue freedom and links them with liberation and independence. It assists the society in various ways, such as agriculture, manufacturing, research among others. The examination of education policy and political system of a nation indicates that educational programmes of a country do not operate in isolation and such depends largely on the political powers that be. There is also the indication that the approach and plan to provide education services depends largely on the ideology of the ruling political party; the ideology of the ruling party dictates who funds education; the ideology of the ruling party determines who controls the educational institutions; while it should be noted that the ideological camp, which a country belongs, dictates the type or form of education in the country.