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Education: An Instrument of Investment in National Development

Salako, C. T.

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Education and Society

This study examines education as an instrument of investment in national development. It stresses the fact that a nation develops in relation to its achievement in education. This explains why contemporary world attention has focused on education as an instrument of launching nations into the world of science and technology and with consequential hope of human advancement in terms of living conditions and development of the environment. This is because, education is the force and protection of any nation’s defense and it has been observed that no nation rises above the level of its education. Seeing education in this perspective, calls for proper funding from federal, state and local governments to make the sector produce the desired results which will stimulate national development. To attain national development through education in Nigeria, there should be serious commitment of government at all levels to effective educational policies from pre-planning stage through planning stage to postplanning stage (implementation) in realization of the fact that Nigeria is a developing country and it cannot afford to neglect the education sector that is most crucial in the provision of the needed manpower for national development.