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Impact Assessment of the State of Emergency Policy on Education and the Provision of Qualitative Education in Bayelsa State, Nigeria (2012–2015)

Korikiye Mc Wenibowei

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Education and Society

This study adopts the descriptive and the empirical research designs to evaluate the implementation of the State of Emergency Policy on Education and the provision of qualitative education in Bayelsa State. The aim is to assess the extent to which the implementation of the policy has impacted on the educational sector of the State. It identifies the relationship between funding, availability of educational facilities, adequate manpower and the effective realization of qualitative education. The study makes use of both primary and secondary sources of data to establish the linkage between the implementation of the policy and the achievement of the expected goals of the policy in the educational sector. The primary sources of data included, personal observation, and interview of stakeholders such as parents, policy makers, practitioners, and members of the public in the education sector and the administration of questionnaire to respondents in selected primary, secondary and tertiary institutions in the State. The study is guided by four research questions. Using simple random sampling technique, a total of 190 copies of questionnaire are distributed, out of this, 183 copies were returned and these are used for the analysis. The data collected from the field are analyzed using simple percentages and tables. The study reveals among other things that the introduction of the state of emergency policy on education has not substantially impacted positively on the development of education in Bayelsa State. Consequently, it is proposed that a synergy be created between the public sector and the private sector in the development of the educational sector of the State.