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Students Attitude towards Cataloguing and Classification in Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University and University of Maiduguri Libraries: Case Studies of Students on Industrial Training

Adamu, I. A.; Yunusa, H. M.and Miringa. A. H. U.

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Education and Society

This work adopts the case study approach to examine the attitude of library and information science students on industrial training towards cataloguing and classification. The population of this study comprises students on industrial training in Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University and University of Maiduguri Libraries for a period of one year and six months. The sample size comprises of all the fifty-two students since they are not much in size is used for the study. Structured questionnaire s used for data collection and the analysis is done using simple percentage and frequency. Findings reveal among others, a negative attitude towards cataloguing and classification. To overcome this negative development, it is recommended that practical training on cataloguing and classification should be put in place and viewed seriously at the training level of librarian in training. Also, experienced cataloguers especially the lecturers should serve as motivators to the young ones so that the entire society will be interested in joining the profession