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Usage and Perception of Online Information Resources among Students of Delta State University, Abraka, Nigeria: A Case Study of Library and Information Science Department

Odede Israel

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Education and Society

Online information resources encompass the wealth of learning resources and research data that are available in electronic format from online sources such as the World Wide Web, journal databases, library catalogues, course materials databases and unit websites. They are invaluable resources to the academic achievement of students. However, there are some barriers encountered by students while using these online information resources. This study adopts descriptive survey method. Stratified random sampling technique is used to select 200 respondents for the study. Questionnaire is used to collect data for the study. Statistical tools such as frequency count and simple percentage are used in analyzing the data collected. Pie chart is used to present the results. The findings reveal that majority of the participants frequently make use of online information resources. Also, the study reveals that online information resources are of great benefits to the students. However, it is discovered that students encountered several barriers while using online information resources such as power failure etc. The study recommends among others that the university management should ensure constant power supply especially in areas where students access online information resources such as the library and adequate computers systems should be provided to enable students access online information resources at any point in time